The Benefit Stepping Stones Program™

New Health Benefit Plan Made Easy

Small business owners often start with a simple health and dental plan for themselves and their key employees. It doesn't need be fancy or expensive; they just want the basics covered at an affordable cost. In many cases the ideal plan is a health spending account.

My message to you is that benefits can be simple, affordable and customized to your unique needs. To guide you along, I've created a special program called The Benefit Stepping Stones Program™. It's a step-by-step process that helps you design and implement a benefit program that makes good business sense.

Assessing your current situation is the first step:

Step two is developing a benefit strategy based on three elements: Step three is designing a simple, customized, affordable benefit plan based on three elements:

The Next Step …

If you are interested in designing and implementing a benefit program that makes good business sense, we offer a free 90-minute starter session.

To schedule the starter session, call me or send an e-mail to

John Vandeweerd, President
Benefits Interface, Inc.